This Is What A $63M House Looks Like…

66,000 square feet, 24 bathrooms, 800 pound interior doors….sigh…Must Be Nice!…oh wait $1,063,000 in taxes EVERY year…I’ll stick with my modest home.

So who could be rich enough to afford all of this insanity…Steve Jobs? Donald Trump? Warren Buffett? Close Enough: BILL GATES!

Taking over 7 years to build, this monster home will amaze you!

Some of the ridiculous features of this house include:

-underwater music system in the outdoor pool

-badges for guests’ lapels, that automatically adjust temperature, music, and lighting based on the guest’s preferences

-earth sheltering for external thermal mass to reduce heat loss

-no visible electrical outlets ANYWHERE

-woodwork made from rare and/or extinct species of wood from around the world

-heated floors (every square inch, everywhere, inside and out)

-800-pound interior doors

-52 miles of fiber optic cables

-digital art throughout the house (who says the Mona Lisa has value?)

-domed library

-underground theatre in a concrete shell

-front gate that automatically opens as it senses the car drive up

-24 bathrooms for all your basic bathroom needs…

I’ll Say It Again:

Must Be Nice!


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